Dive Turkey IV – Cozumel

2012-01-08 23:28:48

Well, Dive Turkey IV has completed: a success! We enjoyed a week’s worth of diving (myself, I had 17 dives I think…) but not a strenuous schedule. We had plenty of time to enjoy the local cuisine and beverages. Habaneros are yummy! If you don’t know what a habanero pepper is, DON’T EAT IT! – it’s the world’s hottest pepper. I rather like them… in moderation, of course!

The weather was wonderful, except there were a few issues at the begining (including Laura’s regulator incident – I’ll talk about that later). The day we got there, we all wanted to do a check-out dive. It was a bit windy and the waves were up, so it was looking rather dificult. Laura decided she wasn’t up to it so she sat this one out. The rest of us insane people went ahead with the dive.

By the time we got into the water, it was dark. The current, it turned out, was really bad, too. So: dark, windy, lots of waves and current… hmm… didn’t stay in very long. I think I had a max depth of 11 feet for 7 minutes. One of my shortest dives ever.

The next day, the weather got better but was still choppy. [this is where Laura had her regulator incident.] Second dive day was finally calm. It stayed this way for the duration of the trip. We went to reefs I’ve never been to and had a wonderful night dive.

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