Ever have one of those days where you really stop and think how fragile your situation in life really is? I’ve just heard about several layoffs in my group. It makes me truly grateful that I have a job. Yeah, sure I complain about it, but I’ve been working through the entire ‘recession’ and other hard times. I have to thank God that he’s lookin’ out for me – now, it’s ‘us’, too!

So, in the spirit of thankfulness, I would like to state my thanks to God for some of the simple things in my life:
1) My wife loves me. This totally rocks.
2) I have a job. Even when it sucks, I still get paid.
3) My cell phone is working today. You never realize how important this is until it’s taken away.
4) I have a cool house. Even though I have to climb up and down 4 floors, it’s still cool.
5) I’m slowly paying off my consumer debt. It was getting larger, but now it’s getting smaller!
6) I get to go diving this year. I didn’t last year, but God provided a way this year without increasing my debt.
7) I have cool friends.

Life is too short to be a whiner. (Talkin’ to myself there…)

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