Comment SPAM: Off.

For those of you who might have attempted to comment on my postings recently, you would have noticed that you are now required to authenticate with TypeKey before you can post to my site. This is to curb the vast amounts of comment SPAM my site seems to attract. The comments were not posted since I require moderation, but they still filled my databases and created an administrative hassle for me since I had to delete hundreds of useless and tasteless “comments” every day. So, sorry for the extra step, but this really is better for us all…

Professional Photography Site Complete

I have [mostly – there are a few tweaks I might make to it…] completed the modification and population of my new photography site at On this site, that means that some of my best photos will go away – only to be available on my new site. However, you may still view them there if you wish. [This will of course be only 600 or so out of the 6000 pictures here – you may not notice at all.] This will not affect my Friends & Family albums – those are for all to enjoy!

If you know anyone who purchases photos or is in the publication industry, I would just love an introduction!

In the mean time: have a happy but safe New Year’s Eve!

System Update

Most of you won’t really care, but I have finally gotten the Linux 2.6.8 kernel to run on my web server. It really wasn’t all that hard – just had to find the right RPM package. I also updated my Gallery software to the latest revision which patches a few security holes [not that I noticed they were there…].

I guess this is what sitting at home in front of my systems does for me – I keep seeing things that need to be done even though I’m supposed to be working!

Well, enough of that. Back to work now.

Upgraded Again

I have upgraded the Gallery software on my web site so that now I am at the most current version. Not only that, this new version has an RSS feed. If you don’t know what that is, you should probably do a web search as I can’t rightly explain it to you. However, I have a link for you. Put this link in your RSS reader and you will be notified of new additions to my photo gallery: [link removed – no longer present]

Enhanced Privacy

I have enhance the privacy of the site. Now, people who post will not have to worry about their email address being displayed as a link. If you wish to comment and in that comment post a link to your web site, put that address in the URL field and it will be displayed in your comment. Otherwise, no links will show. So: comment away with no fear! (BTW: this is a retro-active change. No emails on previous comments are displayed either.)

Mostly Fixed

Since the installation of the new Gallery version, I have implemented a temporary fix. It’s not a smooth or clean as it was, but if you refresh the page now, you get a new random picture… I guess that will teach me to upgrade willy-nilly.