End Results [With Pictures!]

I promised pictures and now you have them! Introducing our kitchen bar before renovation. Notice the large gray overhang. It was so cumbersome and we kept running into it. It also took up a couple of feet of the sitting room next to the kitchen.


Next, you’ll see the work in progress:


So we ripped the ugly gray top off and replaced it with a nice piece of wood.


Now that the painting’s done, this is the final result. It’s much easier to walk around and doesn’t feel so bulky. We love it!

We owe a special thanks to John Elliott for helping us get started [well, for doing most of the work on the construction part, but the painting was hard too!]. Many coats of paint later, we are finally finished.

Painting Madness

We are coming to the end of our home remodeling projects… Note I said “projects” – yes, we started another one before finishing the first. We ripped out Laura’s closet and have spackled and primed the closet. Next, we will paint it and hang up new custom shelving.

As for the bar area, I’ve decided I’m going to finish priming and painting it the original dull color and we’ll chose another color for accent purposes later.

It’s off to paint now!


That’s us. Well, not really, but it’s taken longer that I like for us to come close to finishing the bar. We’ve now got the structure in place, the bar and wall fully plastered and primed, and even have some first coats of paint on the trim parts. We’re not really satisfied with the texture of the finish of the top, but I think that a couple more coats should solve the problem with that.

Then, of course, is the problem of the wall. It seems that the wall-colored paint we have that the previous owners stored in the basement is a few shades off from what the walls actually look like. We will not only have to paint the areas that have been plastered, but also the entire wall to all the seams. It’s quite an obvious difference, so we have to go floor-to-ceiling with it and corner-to-corner. With all that painting to be done, we might as well change the color. Once that’s all done, I’ll take a “final” picture and post it up here.

I’m really just a slacker for not blogging anything in the last couple of weeks, but I truly have been busy.

No! Really!


We’ve ripped out our bar counter top. Yep. Not even in the house two months and we’ve destroyed a surface. What we’ve done, though, is make the kitchen area feel so much larger. We’re just going to cap off the knee wall with a flat board and make “mini bar” of only 11″ inches wide or so. It’s our first remodeling project. The new sink doesn’t count…

Right now, though, it’s not done – just demolished. We couldn’t find the right lumber to finish the job. Hopefully, we’ll be done by Monday night and I’ll get some good pictures of the finished project.

Hopefully, I won’t be like Mike and not post ANY of the final result pictures of our kitchen remodel.. hint, hint!