Good News?

Sort of, I suppose. I found out that my motorcycle is now under a recall – targeted specifically at my year model [2002 – 2005 VFR800’s] and specifically affecting the components and symptoms that my bike is exhibiting. The good news is that the repairs should be free and this won’t happen again.

The bad news is that I have to wait… I have to wait for a free appointment and for the dealer to gather the new parts and any other information relating to the problem. And I hate waiting…

Let The Assembly Begin

Yesterday, we took delivery of 3 major pieces of IKEA furniture: the MARKÖR sideboard, LIATORP bookcase [later to be updated with the doors which were out of stock], and LEKSVIK wardrobe.

So far, I’ve assembled the sideboard – the much more complicated of the three. It’s already made a big difference in the kitchen, which until now, has been very cluttered. The bookcase will be the easiest, but that I’m saving for last. Now, I’m about to begin assembly on the wardrobe. I can’t wait – there are so many things I need to put in it and clean up the office.