“Travelling Companion”

Well, my distrust of the Project Management Team previously mentioned was probably too harsh of a statement. So I must issue apologies to any of that team who read the previous post! It seems that now I have a schedule far enough out to allow me to book a trip to California with my wife, Laura. She, of course is thrilled. So, she’ll be having fun sight-seeing while I’m working.

In other news, Microsoft has now released more certification exams that I must take to keep my MCSE/MCSA W2K current for the new product: Windows Server 2003. If you are new to this site, you may be thinking: Hey – this thing’s running on Irix with Open Source products… what’s this guy doing playing with Microsoft products??? Well, I like to think that I’m broad-minded… that I give all OSes a chance. And I do. I gave IIS a chance to run on my Windows server… It was much faster to run the site on an almost-obsolete SGI O2. Go figure. I do enjoy working with Windows, however. I also enjoy keeping my skills diverse. And, Microsoft work pays the bills.

So, that said, I’m studying a huge book (like 1700+ pages) on Server 2003 so I can update my certifications. It has to weigh at least 20 pounds. And I carry it to work with me to study in the slow times – like lunch time. It’s begining to hurt my back! Studying is hard work…


I have been working in California for the last couple of months. The weather, of course, is much nicer than in Houston. I’m south of Los Angeles, in Orange County, so I’m away from the worst of the smog. The travel schedule becomes more dificult now that I have a new family member to come home to!

I’m hoping that this project will bring about some international travel. I have been given a schedule that includes places like Camberly, UK and Calgary, ALB. However, I’ve been run around in circles so long that I don’t really trust the schedule anymore – nor do I trust the project management team. I am hoping that I will be able to make plans soon because I want to bring Laura with me. I’ve been wanting to do that for quite some time and have not yet been able to have sufficient notice.

Anyway – I am enjoying this new program: Movabletype. It’s quite cool. I can now use this program to edit and post news to my site no matter where I might be.